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I’m Toni Jo Soul…. This will be my first online appearance in quite sometime, as far as posting anything related to the one thing I love most…… Music! No other love is greater and I love nothing else less. I’ve sung with state choirs and churches; took high school choir classes just to learn to read music, project my voice, and make my mother proud. There was always something in my heart that told me there was more. More to learn and an education out there that would help me achieve that knowledge. I picked up a beginner acoustic guitar at the age 16. Which at the time introduced me to a large variety of  genres I never thought I would be into today. American folk music like Bob Dylan, or the lovely Rock guitar played in Fleetwood mac; Soulful strings played by Brian McKnight. Whatever it was, it was as simple as me remembering any of those artist and going on YouTube to find a tutorial on “how to play”. Now the guitar has come easy and there’s still so much to learn. I hope this site gives me the opportunity to meet new people who can be insightful and helpful with my journey. My next few blogs will probably give detail on the music ill be posting, local artist in the Denver area, recommended musical instruments from drums, guitars, and other musical equipment. Thanks for reading and please feel free to elaborate your ideas and your valuable information.


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 Looking for answers require the right questions

We all have opinions, assumptions, and ideas. Those of which sometimes drives us crazy without the valid evidence we need to better understand the situation or ordeal we face. We look to our morals and standards to better validate what we know and what we have been through. So many of us physically endure life to experience what we may face. Maybe some of us visualize certain things to obtain the answers we seek. Others are well prepared, clairvoyant, and have honest; logical answers. If we dare to seek more; more answers; more validation; more meaning behind the answers we so desperately need….. just pray on it!

Lets talk about getting the best quality out of your answers with the most put together questions.

There’s no right or wrong answers. Then I look back and ask myself did I ask everything I needed too. There are answers I already know. The end results could be that I’m left with answers that may not give me the right closure I need. I for one accept anyone’s opinion and critical thinking. Then again I don’t always take in valuable information and remember it. 

Questions that hold value, moral concern, or just come from plain curiosity can be answered with few minds and a well thought out dilberation. Let’s just take our time and those answers will show. 





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